About Zen


Zen… An approach to an activity, skill, or subject that emphasizes simplicity and intuition rather than conventional thinking or fixation on goals…

– American Heritage Dictionary


Zen... Finding a meditative state of artistic movement and creativity by connecting with oneself and others

- Ry'el -



What is Zen Zouk?

Embracing evolution through the classics




Zenzouk is method of teaching Brazilian Zouk lambada and over all body movement through multiple exercises and philosophies based on the “elements” Including earth water fire and air- as symbols for analyzing dance and personal  movement.


Zenzouk movement technique is Rooted in classical Lambazouk Technique  infused with the contemporary zouk -lambada  styles Training students in the “Zenplicity” of universal body movements,  self awareness and expression,   allowing them to become versatile, confident Zouk-Lambada dancers.

So whether you want to learn Brazilian Zouk Lambada,  Body movement awareness or want to improve your own social dancing or artistic performance, ZenZouk has something to offer you.



What is Zen Zouk if you are beginner?



- Create a new world for yourself through dancing.


- Learn both the roots of classic Brazilian Lambazouk technique and its evolution. 


- Unlock new levels of body awareness and mindfulness of yourself and others.


- Discover new communities approaching every dance as an opportunity to connect to yourself through connecting to others.


- In ZenZouk, no matter what storm you are facing, you will find simplicity—or, as founder Ry’El calls it, -Zenplicity.


- Freedom of Movement


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