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NEW CYCLE - 8 Week Cycle starting January 8th


8-10 PM

Lambada, Chicotes, Head Movement & Lambada Day Choreo Express Training for performance on January 19th with all International presence





Stepping Out Studios



  • $20 (120 min) Drop in Single class 
  • SPECIAL $144 (reg 160)  for  8 class cycle - Lambazouk Technique Class (3 months expiration date) 
  • $200 for  unlimited classes includes Mondays and Wednesdays
  • $250 for unlimited classes includes Mondays and Wednesdays + Wednesday night PERFORMANCE CLASS *Must attend level 2 to perform.




NEW CYCLE  8 Week Cycle starting January Januay 9th


6:30 PM - 7:30 PM  ADVANCED LEVEL 3 Ultra Zouk Insights - Head Movement and more. Pre-Requisites must have taken Level 1 and 2 and must be versed in Timing, Rhythm, Turn Patterns, and Lead and Follow Techniques.




440 Studios




  • $20 (60 min) Drop in Single class 
  • $144 for  8 class cycle either


  • $12 Drop in Single Class ONLY if you purchased the Unlimited Stepping out MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS $200 pack or above.



NEW CYCLE  8 Week Cycle starting January Januay 3rd


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM  Fundamentals/ Zouk Lambada level 1

8:30 PM - 9:30 PM   Brazilian Zouk-Lambada Level 2 

9:30 PM - 10:00 PM Brazilian Zouk Practica

10:00 PM- 11:00 PM Performance open to new students



Stepping Out Studios




  • $20 (60 min) Drop in Single class 
  • $144 for  8 class cycle either Fundmantals or Brazilian Zouk Lambada Level 2 (3 months expiration date) 
  • $200 for  unlimited classes includes Mondays and Wednesdays
  • $250 for unlimited classes includes Mondays and Wednesdays + Wednesday night PERFORMANCE CLASS *Must attend level 2 to perform.






LAMBAZOUK MONDAYS (Starting January 8) Adv-Beginner/Intermediate Level. 


LAMBAZOUK Connects us to the roots of our dance.  Lambazouk is mostly danced on the Quick rhythm ( quick-quick-slow)  but can be dance on the slow rythm as well (slow-quick-quick). Lambazouk expresses energy, positivness and party thru the up beat songs as well as sweet flowy and romantic melodies found in medium speed songs, both always maintaining the Batida (beat). Lambaderos enjoy  Hitting the accents of the music with hip movements, Cambres (Dips), Chicocte (whip-like head movements) and continuous spins.  Wifi  connection (leading from the distance- Visual lead) and strong positive energy are typical for Lambazouk. We believe it will help any Brazilian Zouk-Lambada dancer achieve their full potential and their umbilical cord to our dance.


This 8 week course will help you understand technique in Body Alignment, Timing, and Alegria. 


Body Alignment : LZ helps understand the classical technique and fundamentals of body alignment and eveness  through a series of drills and exercises to develop and strengthen the body. Legs, arms, torso and head movement are all part of this class.


Timing: Lambazouk specifically  is characterized for the constant stepping to the rhythms (quick or slow) and keeping the beat throughout  the dance, creating a feeling of gliding and floating, giving the opportunity to the student to focus on on the proper executions of  head movements  with safety and flow.


Algeria: Lambazouk’s high energy  will get you Happy spirit thru the connection to the basic  musical accents found in the music. 




Our 8 weeks advanced course will cover topics such as head movement, weight transfer, turn patterns, elasticity, and various advanced lead and follow techniques.  Pre-Requisite - Must have taken Level 1 and 2 Classes. Please be respectful of the level  in order to maximize everyone's learning

Register and Purchase 8 week Cycle



(Starting January 8) Beginner Level 


Our 8 weeks introductory course will get you started in all you need to know to start dancing Brazilian Zouk-Lambada. In this course you will learn the rhythm, basic footwork and patterns, dance frame and  leading and following  in a fun and dynamic class. If you are brand new to our dance or for anyone who would like to polish their fundamentals this class is perfect for you Beginner classes helps to develop a strong foundation on our Zenzouk Methodology.





(Starting January 3) Adv-Beginner/Intermediate Level. 


ZOUK LAMBADA: The evolution of our beautiful Lambada. Is traditionally danced on the slow rhythm ,( slow, quick-quick) and Is  characterized by  The creativity,  smoothness, and sensuality. Is the most popular (traditional) style dance around the world. 


BZL has been   Influenced by other dances as contemporary, jazz, salsa, contact improvisation, just to mention a few, developing into a most extended vocabulary; adding  linear moves, slow motion and head movements in a stationary position without moving the feet. Music also changed with this phase of our dance opening the opportunity to dance to other slower rhythms like Zouk love


Brazilian Zouk lambada (Traditional) is the door for the other great  interpretations and styles of our dance. Neo Zouk, SoulZouk, Lyrical Zouk, M-zou, Zouk Flow,  to mention a few.


Zouk-Lambada will help us understand


Body Isolations on your own and with a partner: Body waves and sways, body  manipulations, hips, shoulders, torso, back.


Musicality:  learn how to smoothly go from the rhythm into the Melody of the music and viceversa


Spatial awareness:we will train traveling moves and traveling turns , helping you develop Zouk compass. 


To learn more about the story of the music and the dance watch this two videos. Interview with Lambada Queen Piooner Loalwa Braz 



(Starting January 3 and 8)  Intermediate +






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