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Welcome to the ZenZouk Online virtual studios.  We are one of the few online schools offering movemet in both LambaZouk, Brazilian Zouk, and other classes to enhance your dance. Below is our schedule of classes we will be offering. We have provided times throughout the day and evenings, so that anyone around the world can join us.  If you can't find the time but still want to learn, Video recordings will also be accessible for 14 days after class for you to practice.   New classes will be added throughout the weeks so make sure you always check back here for new weekend classes.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our studios. 


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January 11th - February 7th


Zenzouk Online Classes Pricing

Best bang for you buck!! Zenzouk is excited to offer you various class series throughout the week taught by Ryel.  All classes at ZenZouk Online are great to prepare the body for stamina, flexibility, and control training. These classes are great because it allows you to discover your movement independently so you can unlock many movement patterns that are hidden treasures in yourself.  In our studios, you can either purchase ZenZouk Online Classes which includes Ryel's classes, and Unicorn Classes. Alignment and Pilates Classes have also been added to our schedule. 

Please note the class packs are only available for Ryel's classes. 

Jessica's classes are a separate series passes which can be pruchase at www.followyourunicorn.com 



CLASS PACKS: (Only for Ryel's Classes)


Dance Class Cards:


SuperFlexi  30 Classes  + Content Library Included:  $300 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only

SuperFlexi  25 Classes  + Content Library Included   $250 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only

SuperFlexi  20 Classes  + Content Library Included   $200 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only


Flexi Card   5 Classes :  $55 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only

Flexi Card  10 Classes : $100 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only

Flexi Card  15 Classes : $150 + Fee | Ryel's Classes Only



Strictly Heels | What's The Musical Story:  $50 + Fee | Jessica Lamdon (see www.followyourunicorn.com)


Pilates | Yoga| Alignment:


Self-Care Yoga Sundaze | Donation Based | Jessica Lamdon 


Pilates and Alignment Class Card + Postural Evaluation using our Alignment Software | $45 a month | Leslie Tee Digital Therapy Evaluations will be done online via Zoom 1 to 1. 


ZenZouk Upcoming Weekender

ZenZouk Elements Embodiment Weekender 
                                 Connect, discover and explore the elements within you.

Ready to explore the colorful world inside you
The endless hues and shades of tones within your dancing, we want to invite you to our first 
Zenzouk Elements embodiment Weekender-
Discover the secret mysteries of the elements within ourselves and join us in this fun colorful ride.

We can wait to have you part of this beautiful voyage.

Zenzouk Elemental Embodiment weekender are a unique experience that combines mindfulness, movement and imagination with a hint of technology- With the goal to provide a safe space in you own space , to release you inner exploration of the natural elements within you, and how each one of the elements will enhance your solo dance practice and creativity.
The weekend will consist of two days jammed 3 hours or classes each day  finishing with a virtual Social with DJ WASABHI  on Sunday 
Schedule is as follows ( subject to change)
5:00 - 7:00 pm Ryel Part 1 Embodying the Elements  
7:30- 8:30 pm Jess- Whats the story |  Theatrical exploration 
5 - 6 Jess- The pathways 
6:30 - 8:30 Ryel Part 2 Being the Instrument ????
8:45- 11:00 Elemental World  with Dj Wasabhi 
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