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Welcome to the ZenZouk Online virtual studios.  We are one of the few online schools offering movemet in both LambaZouk, Brazilian Zouk, and other classes to enhance your dance. Below is our schedule of classes we will be offering. We have provided times throughout the day and evenings, so that anyone around the world can join us.  If you can't find the time but still want to learn, Video recordings will also be accessible for 14 days after class for you to practice.   New classes will be added throughout the weeks so make sure you always check back here for new weekend classes.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our studios. 


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SEPTEMBER 21st  - OCTOBER 17th  Schedule is Below


Zenzouk Online Classes

Best bang for you buck!! Zenzouk is excited to offer you various class series throughout the week taught by Ryel.  All classes at ZenZouk Online are great to prepare the body for stamina, flexibility, and control training. These classes are great because it allows you to discover your movement independently so you can unlock many movement patterns that are hidden treasures in yourself.  In our studios, you can either purchase ZenZouk Online Classes which includes Ryel's classes, and Unicorn Classes which are described below if you scroll down. Please note the class packs are only available for Ryel's classes. 

Jessica's classes are a separate series passes which can be pruchase at www.followyourunicorn.com 


Click on the classes on the schedule to get more info about them 


-  One Class $11 + fee  (2 Month Expiration | may be extended)

-  5 Classes  $50 + fee  (2 Month Expiration | may be extended)

-  10 Classes $80 + fee (2 Month Expiration | may be extended)

-  Unlimited Online Movement Classes for the month + Access to Pre-Recorded Library $150 + Fee (1 Month Expiration)


CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE CLASS PACKS: The following classes below is what is included

New! 5 Week Closed Series

Zenzouk WIFI: virtual training Season 1 will focus on the etiquette and rules on virtual dancing and how we can safely inspire each other to move using our fundamentals moves +
We will start a small warm-up with some traditional ZENZOUK warm-up drills- isolation of the body ( upper and lower body) followed by a potpourri of traditional Brazilian zouk fundamentals moves
After we will dive into a set of lead and follow moves adapted to the virtual experience.
In these 5 weeks, we will work on some of these concepts.
- Mindset and Rules of the virtual dancing
- Rhythm Vs slowdowns
- Fundamentals moves and angles
- Turns and spins
- SPICE and STYLE , how and when DO i do it?
- When and how to Improv
- Season 1 Combos
- more+
Classes will be 50 min with a 15 min practice before we head to
DJ Visicous ZENZDAZE Virtual Social, is just a click away
and practice practice and practice.

Unicorn Classes

Strictly Heels

Strictly Heels?✨Third Season- woohoo!

Let’s KEEP working on finding the comfort, balance, and POWER in our heels!
What to expect. 1) A warm up concentrated solely on waking up the feet! 2) Drills to help us find our balance 3) Exercises to explore articulation of the whole leg in the heel4 )Adding more SHAPES on the floor and with the upper body!
All in the comfort of your own home!


When: Tuesdays  20:00  Starting September 21st

Number of Classes: 4 Classes

Cost: 4 Weeks $35 + Fee


The Unicorn Takes Pay Pal. To Purchase go to her site at: https://www.followyourunicorn.com/classes-upcoming-events


Working On It!

Come explore your movements and solo work with the Unicorn on Thursdays- ON THE QUICK!
Familiar with Lambada? Want to get more familiar?! This class is for ALL!
Your Uni wants to focus on overall body awareness and get more familiar with pathways of arms, hips, and legs.  
What to expect : ENERGIA 1) Warmups  2) Exercises for
3) Body Transfer 4) Arm Drills/Styling 5) Leg Drills/Styling
6) Head Movement Exploration 7) Musicality Exploration 
And more...

When: Thursdays 20:00  Starting September 21st

Number of Classes: 4 Classes

Cost: 4 Weeks $35 + Fee


The Unicorn Takes Pay Pal. To Purchase go to her site at: https://www.followyourunicorn.com/classes-upcoming-events

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