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Welcome to the our Pre-recorded course material!!  Pre-recorded classes are best suited for those that can not take the live classes but would like to learn on their own time.  Classes are taught in a progressive way so that you can learn effectively and efficiently. Videos are available for 45 days.   To date we have the followig Pre-Recorded Classes Available. 

Spins and Turns Level 1 Course

Discover your turning world with Level 1  of the Turn It Up classes. In this series, we will be unveling the techniques driven to execute traveling turns. You will understand turn patterns and begin to move freely by being aware of weight shifting, stepping, spotting, a little bit of arm and head styling and more!  2 Hours of of Spins and Turns Course.


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Cost: $18.00 + Fee | Available for 45 Days

Lambada Training Course (Fundamentals)

Looking to KickStart your Lambada training, but do not know where to start? Well we have the right program for you!!   The Lambada Fundamental training series provides you One of the very first things to learn in Lambada is footwork. It’s basics are rooted in foundations so that you can transition into becoming a great dancer in all levels of Zouk!! This easy to follow 4 hour program may be just what you need to kickstart your journey in Lambada!!



Pre-Recorded Videos!

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Cost Lambada Training:  $35 + Fee | Available for 45 Days

Pre-recorded Lambada Training  4 Classes (Season 1 + Q&A Sessions (August 9th) 
Questions need to be submitted before Q&A Sessions

Lambada WiFi 5G Course (11 Moves you need to know)

This is your journey into getting the best learning in understanding Lambada Wifi. In this course you will learn 11 MOVES which will provide you the variety for you to become creative and build up your dancing skills.  In this must watch course you will begin to understand all that is needed to begin WiFi Today from both a leader and follower perspective.  This is a great way to dive into terminiology and technqiue. 



Pre-Recorded Videos!


Cost Lambada Training:  $40 + Fee | Available for 45 Days

Pre-recorded Lambada Training  4 Classes


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