10/17 - 11/7  

New Cycles Started





8:00 - 9:00 pm FUNDAMENTALS on the QUICK. Learn how to dance on the uplifting quick count and enjoy its benefits. We will focus on the essential movement needed to start your Lambazouk Journey.( Advanced Beginner class)


Note: Lambada can be danced on the slow count or the quick count. Wednesdays class fundamentals is danced on the slow)


9:00 - 10:00 Head movements essentials.

One of the most beautiful things found in our dance is the freedom to do head movements - But with this freedoms comes a big responsibility. Training exercises, repetition and understanding of the rules is necessary to provide a comfortable and safe dance.

10-11 Practica 

Every Monday we will focus on the different elements found in lambada like chicotes, piaos, cambres, double side, bonecas and more. 



7:30-8:30 FUNdamentals Jessica +Saeko  
AdvFUNdamentals Ryel 


NEW to Brazilian ZOUK and lambada? this is the day for you. You will learn the fundamentals to start your journey in this awesome dance. There are two classes happening at the same time followed by our level 2 class at 8:30.

8:30-9:30 Brazilian Zouk level 2. Techniques for the proper control and mastery of your slow downs movements, body isolations,  traveling turns, counter balances and intro to rio style head movement (Strong Fundamentals and Adavnced fundamentals recommended)

9:30-11:00 NEW PERFORMANCE TEAM 2018-2019 (Team must come to  Level 2 and have a strong Fundamentals and Advanced Fundamentals undertanding)

Would you like to enhance your dancing and technique?, repetition makes perfect and performing with the Zenzouk performance team will take you there, Join us in this years team choreography for the Brazilian Boston dance Festival November 8-11th.

We will performing in at different congresses and local events.If you have the drive, and would like to commit to a fun roller coaster of movement? come an try out this coming Wednesday. is not too late to join. Special discounted privates and semi-privates lessons for performer. 


Must have a strong Fundamentals and Advanced Fundamentals  technique or at least completed those levels, 
or Must come to Advanced Fundamentlals and level 2 classes for Stamina and polishing of techniques.

Wednesdays (classes included on the performance pass). Performance pass includes unlimited classes Mondays and Wednesday, so the more you come, the more you learn , the more you practice :)

Our Classes:

Whether you are new to Brazilian Zouk Lambada or looking to build your skills, technique, and social dance, we have classes for all levels.  All classes are developed by Ry'el, founder of Zenzouk, who is dedicated to providing you  strong fundamentals.  Find out more about our classes.

Our Events

ZenZouk is dedicated on building the NYC ZOUK community by providing diverse events.  We strive to continue to bring the best in learning by hosting International Instructors and providing community building events, such as flashmobs, workshops, intensives, etc. Find out about our upcoming events.

Book Privates

Private Zouk lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn the art and skill of Brazilian Zouk Lambada. Private Zouk lessons allow you to learn at your own pace in  a comfortable environment without distraction. With Zenzouk one and one instruction, you will be able to dance socially in no time.  

ZenZouk Retreats

ZenZouk retreats allows students to connect to the roots of their dance by connecting through their mind, body, and being. During retreats,  you will deepen your understanding of Brazilian Zouk and your body through a series of exercises, intensives, talks, and community building activities.

Brazilian Zouk Lambada Classes - Find out more about our            New Cycles

Performance Teams

Performance classes are not only a great way to deepen your Brazilian Zouk skills, but an opportunity to make great friends, and experience the thrill of performing!  Performance class is suited for people, who have a good grasp of the skills taught in the lvl2 intermediate classes. 

Artistic Choreo Tracks

For community leaders and teachers that are willing to take their community to the next level.  ZenZouk facilitates learning by providing artistic choreo tracks to provide an opportunity for your students to learn a choreo to deepen their skills and gain experience performing.  We provide the choreo, so you can focus on building your community.

ZenZouk Teacher Trainings

If you are interested in teaching Zouk, ZenZouk Teacher Trainings are a great way to get started. Trainings are developed by Ry'el Velandia and focuses on "Embracing evolution through the classics". Trainings will provide tools for you to be able to teach classes effectively and efficiently as you begin your Zouk journey.

Book ZenZouk Events

ZenZouk is available for Congresses, Festivals, and Private and Public events. Workshops, intensives, and classes and are developed or choreographed by founder Ryel Velandia based on his dance experience.  Ryel and partner Jessica have various experience in performing and teaching at various functions and are available to book for future events. 

ZENZOUK hosts two main festivals. Save the date for some amazing times ahead.


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