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We are very excited to have you here with us in New York City for the LLZ Weekender. To keep the event safe and in line with NYC Guidance we will be implementing several precautions to mitigate the risks of contracting COVID or spreading the virus. Please follow the following guidelines and requirements before attending the event, during the event, and after the event.


Before attending the event it is essential and necessary that you assess your risk because of the close nature of dancing Brazilian Zouk and Lambada as partner dancing is considered to be a high risk category in NYC. Although the event is vaccinated, there are still break through cases being reported. Therefore, we can not guarantee 100% that you will not be exposed during the event, however certain precautions that will be implemented at LLZ can mitigate the risk. Due to this, it is best to assess the risk to yourself and others especially if you are immunocompromised, live or come in contact on a daily basis with unvaccinated individuals or elderly/immunocompromised persons regardless of vaccination status.



  1. Proof of Vaccination. Upon arrival, please present your proof of vaccination as required by NYC and venue. We will take the following form of proof. 
    • NYC COVID Safe App

    • Excelsior Pass

    • CDC Vaccination Card (or photo)

    • NYC Vaccination Record

    • An official immunization record from outside NYC or the U.S

  2. Negative Test 72 Hours before.  Don't delay and schedule your appointment. Some places take walk-ins but it's best you plan NOW. Due to many people traveling to this event and other previous events that successfully caught positive cases before entrance, we will be requiring a negative test. Getting a Test is FREE and easy in NYC. We would advise if you are traveling to NYC before the event to acquire the test before boarding the plane. Scroll down to see what types of tests are accepted. There is no onsite testing. We do not have a safe space nor the staff to conduct this.  Once you tested negative, DO NOT DM or email us your test result or bring in nasal swabs. Bring your results as a print out or email/digital proof at checkin.  Although the least preferred method, if you are doing over the counter rapid antigen testing, take a clearly date & time-stamped pic with you showing the negative results. If you tested positive scroll down to see what to do. 
  3. Mask Mandate in NYC is optional. It is suggested as an extra layer of precaution to wear the mask, yet NYC is not mandating this at the time. PLEASE BRING YOUR MASK REGARDLESS. Please also consider masking up while walking around NYC during the event. 
  4. Daily Symptom Screener:  All attendess and staff are required to self screen by  taking the self-symptom screener provided FREE and COMPLIMENTARY by DancePlace DAILY during the weekend.  This can be found here. https://www.danceplace.com/covid/screening.  You can snap a screenshot of your completed symptom screener and show us at registration or take it at registration. 
  5. SADDLE UP!!!!! Yes Take your Vitamins. Boost up your immune system now as this is said to help. ZINC, VITAMIN C, D, MULTIVITAMIN! Exercise Eat right and SLEEP HYDRATE before this weekend! ANd Yes Although this is under requirements zz can not enforce it but the requirement would be to do what is necessary to get your immune system up whatever that may be even if it includes things like Online Laughter Yoga! JUST DO IT!




  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR): These require planning ahead of time as they are sent to a lab for analysis and take several days to return results! This is the preferred testing type as they can detect the virus within days of infection, even in those with no symptoms.
  • Rapid Antigen: Rapid antigen tests detect active COVID-19 infections and can be performed and analyzed at home or by a medical provider.

**Note for AT HOME RAPID TEST that says take 2x within 24 - 36 hours period. It's acceptable to conduct the test once, no more than 72hrs/3 days out from the start of the event, as long as it comes out NEGATIVE!  This means that 2 ppl can split & use 1 take-home test. 



  • If you tested positive, we are sorry to hear and we hope you feel better soon. Please email info@zenzouk.com to let us know and in those cases we will make an exception to the refund process or apply your pass to another event or classes on our online library or live/physical classes. 


  • Yes it is highly recommended you test after the event since you will be exposed to many people.  We advise you to get tested day 5 or 7 after the event.  If you tested positive it is possible that you may have contracted the virus at the event or during travel. In any case, we would like to communicate with our attendees of the exposure just in case.  After the event, we will be sending out an anonymous form to report any possible COVID outbreaks. Thanks so much for helping to keep the community and their friends and family safe. 



  • Hand Sanitizers will be available at registration and around the facility!! Please use them liberally. 
  • No Open Cups will be provided at the venue.  You must bring your own water in closed containers. 
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