Welcome to ZENZOUK DANCE AND PRODUCTION COMPANY.  Due to COVID-19, ZENZOUK's major events NYC ZOUK FESTIVAL - ODYSSEY EDITION 8TH EDITION AND ZOUKNPLAY FESTIVAL 4TH EDITION have been postponed until 2022 including the ZENZOUK COLORS SHOW choreographed and performed by Ryel Velandia and promoted and produced by Leslie T.  In the meantime, we are still here and have pivoted our business to some on-line classes and ON-LINE Events. Check out our new monthly LIVE-EVENTS with Ryel, Jessica, and Evelyn. Performances by Jessica Lamdon and Choreo Honeys and Evelyn's Flowers! 


**NOTE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR PRODUCED EVENTS PLEASE CLICK on each Festival's Website Below. Both these events have been postponed until 2022. Refunds have been provided to ZNP. ticket holders for 2020. All information is on the appropriate websites. 


ZoukNPlay Beach Festival w/ ZENZOUK COLORS SHOW www.zouknplayfestival.com

NYC Zouk Festival w/ Live Performances  www.nyczoukfestival.com

ZenZouk Online www.zenzoukonline.com


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